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C&L was founded in 1987. Our history is defined along with its customers that over the past Decades have constantly developed new systems, knowledge and experience.

Our Expertise

We have the privilege of including among our clients from small and medium-sized Portuguese companies to multinationals  foreign companies operating in multiple areas of the Portuguese economy.

Our Philosophy

Our Company has always adopted the highest standards of quality and accuracy of the services provided. We have our strategy based solely on the objective, on the mission, of adding value to our customers and making the difference, and not solely in freeing the clients tasks in which we are specialize.

Our Commitment 

Training and constant concern of best practices that evolve in the business world in general and in our particular area of expertise, combined with the pursuit of excellence, are the means available to make a difference in our performance and add value to your company.

Our Experience

Our experience continues to grow with the needs of our clients, and our team is constantly adapting to new challenges and expanding the depth and breadth of our practice.

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