We provide a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base. Our multidisciplinary team develops solutions for companies in the design, management and implementation of beneficial and lasting changes. 


Our multidisciplinary team develops solutions for companies in the design, management and implementation of beneficial and lasting changes. 


We constantly consult our clients to build innovative and effective structures that can reduce costs and manage risks. We seek to help our clients in various aspects related to their business, specifically in the general business risks, financial risks and operational risks  and regulatory compliance.


The experience obtained in the last 25 years allows us to provide the best solutions to the market that is constantly changing. In order to respond to the continuous needs of our clients, our consulting department undertakes the following activities:


• Fiscal and Financial Consulting;

• Start-Up;

• Organizational Structure; and

• Quality Processes.



This business unit, which was the start up of our company, is not based solely on reports of past activities. In a constant quest to add value to your company, this business unit includes a management support process, through an ongoing mentoring throughout the year, using all our resources multidisciplinary.


Our accounting department undertakes the following activities:


• Accounting Processing;

• Income Statement;

• Management report;

• Certification of Auditors; and

• Audits.


The challenges resulting from the strict financial regulation and taxation, to cope with the current economic conditions, are increasingly demanding. For companies and individuals, taxes occupy a central role and require greater scrutiny. Our Tax Department, based on a collaborative relationship with clients, seeks to provide them with an adequate fiscal management through the provision of instrumental pieces and informing them of the potential tax effects when considering management decisions.


Our highly specialized team structures its practice in the following technical areas:


• Tax Management, structuring and improving;

• National and international tax harmonization;

• Tax optimization in structures and organizations;

• Compliance programs; and

• Individual taxation.

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Resulting from the constant new challenges and demands of our customers, we develop this area of activity, which functions as a complement to all the others.


Our team develops the following activities:


• Payroll Processing;

• Issuance of Maps and Guides;

• Social Security;

• Labor Law Support ;

• Contracts Celebration; and

• Outsourcing.


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