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Our experience continues to grow with the needs of our clients, and our team is constantly adapting to new challenges and expanding the depth and breadth of our practice.


We have a network of professionals dedicated to serve our clients in different sectors such as chemicals, goggles, clothing, shoes. our team seeks continually to apply creativity and imagination in everything we do, on a constant search for a better solution to the our client`s problem.

Technology & Media

In this dynamic industry, our team implements flexible solutions capable of adapting to the needs of each client and generate added value in sectors as Internet, software, networks, servers and media groups.

Tourism & Travel Agencies

Travel and tourism has come a long way, as well as C&L experience in this area. C&L team is prepared to give the highest quality and performance to its projects, providing its customers with the necessary information and tools for adopting informed business decisions.


The main players in this market - which includes modal transport, intermodal connections and special networks - are still enjoying high levels of deregulation and consolidation that have generated new opportunities for growth and profitability.

C&L´s extensive experience, in this sector,  offers valuable services for companies that provide logistics solutions along the supply chain. For 25 years, our team has worked with all our customers always to add value to their services.

Construction & Real Estate

We have a group of professionals dedicated exclusively to customers who are active in construction and real estate business. Our team seeks to provide integrated solutions that exceed our customers expectations.

Shopping Mall Escalators
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